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'Cause blogging is just another type of writing – Keyboard for ink and webpages for paper.

Trying some Urdu poetry!

Kabhi na rakho kisise umar-bhar ki aas,
Kar doge jo tum jab sab-kuch apna kisi par saaz,
Ab kaafi hai hamare paas,
Ka kaafi be-ruqi se ehsaas,
Toh log dilaaye jaate hain..

Par kabhi toh umar-bhar ke baad,
Toh hoga un umar-bhar ke wadon ka hisaab,
Phir doge kya tum jawaab janaab,
Ke khwaishon ki kashti aur khwaab,
Toh tum dubaaye jaate the..



Expcerts from the Double Decker and Lunch Meal tale

This Time. Those Moments.

While one sets afoot, towards every next day, on this journey called Life; there is only very little that comes from the past back to you.

In this give and take policy of life, only things that are not traded and no one can ever take from you, are memories. These memories made up so many moments knitted together become the adornment of your soul.

You can never re-live the same moments again. When you travel in the same bus again you once took the journey with someone or end up at the same restaurant you once had dined in with someone, you wonder what changed. Everything else is same about the place, except the time and the person, I guess which makes all the difference. For what was there in that span of time, isn’t there today. But the time when you first traveled or ate there you would have never thought if that bus or that place would even mean something to you.

Time is always on duty and keeps ticking. And a few weeks, months and years later everything is different about what you feel about that bus and that meal. Oh, the lunch meal what the restaurant had advertised as a value lunch meal, actually becomes a value meal for real.

While he always thought life should hardly have a place for materialistic things, the irony is that these materialistic things ended up becoming so valuable to him. Those people so illuminated and moments so invaluable, that they made even the materialistic things reflect light in his life and made it valuable even after they themselves became a star, became so far.


Time and moments share a very strange relationship,
Fighting each other in a battleship,
While time ticks to turn you older each day,
Moments trick to keep you from becoming old’n grey.


As we grow old. we want time to slow down, and wish it could go back in reverse. Growing old is not an option but maybe growing up is. And its the people, who make us grow up and who don’t let us feel old.

bcbe77ef9ec0dd59a68cdb45c61fbbe5Travelling in a Double Decker bus was never something  great or amazing to him. He regarded it the same as travelling in any other bus – boring. This boring was because maybe he had grown up and old. And there was this one girl, there she was, looking at the Double Decker from far, starts jumping all so-excited like a kid waiting for a joy ride. He looked at her amazement and felt a lil happy on the inside. When you see someone happy about something, I guess it was human for him to feel happy too. These are what the good vibes are. Further ahead in the course of life, the Double Decker made him feel good too, but not because it was different for him, but because she made all the difference to him.

But never did he understand what was so different about it, until today. When he saw it coming from far and it made him smile. Travelling in the Double Decker or any other bus was not the same, he realized for the first time.

The brakes of this one, had slowed down his aging dial every time she was on the next seat. And this time those moments, did her part…



That restaurant which is the best in town, that you always go to after a few visits makes you feel like there’s nothing great about it anymore. Happens with all of us.

But there was something about this one restaurant she always wanted to go to for one specific meal. He always wondered what was so different about that lunch meal that always fulfilled her hunger, but never her heart. She would behave like a ten year old would be excited to have a kids meal even if its for the tenth time. Every single time, the excitement and delight stayed the same for her. Though it always tickled his heart, watching the meal tickle her taste buds, this felt different.

But never did he understand and he always wondered, what was really special? Was it the restaurant, that meal or how it was made in specific?

Until yesterday, when he finally understood. It was the magic of the secret spice – the spice she added to it…

World Cup – Why Messi is the most influential player in the tournament

The truth has been spoken.


Football doesn’t always piss me off, but when it does, it’s usually because of the stuff that happens off the field. The latest thing to piss me off is the narrative that Messi hasn’t done enough for Argentina in this World Cup to write his name down in history, and although I know that the petty people saying that have no real understanding of the game, and Messi cares about them about as little as I do, the anger has evoked me to attempt to break that myth once and for all.

Messi scored four of Argentina’s six goals in the group stage. One was scored by Marcos Rojo, one was an own goal. The rest, Lionel. With Messi’s goals, Argentina got nine points from the group stage and advanced as the winners of their group. Without Messi’s goals, Argentina would have had two points, and would probably not have made it through the group…

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Writing 101 – Day One: Unlock the Mind

I have 20 minutes in hand to fill in this space. That’s what this first day assignment is all about – Unlock the Mind, it says.

Not decided with what I am going to talk about, pretty much looks like an online impromptu.

Time check: 2 mins gone, 18 more left.

Its been really really long since I have made a post. Apparently around 3 months back. Its saddening that I haven’t blogged in so much time but you know – ENGINEERING. This is what it does to you. And to top it all at my college, with tests and components every single week is horrifying.

And my life cycle isn’t really commendable but anyways;


Before my final exams this semester, I was just wondering how many days do the components cover if I would hypothetically stick them day after day, and guess what? Out of the 4 months in a semester, one month and a week is gone in these tests, including weekends that is. And then my face looked like



You can understand my plight better now, I suppose. Well this was the sad part.

Coming to the brighter side of life, I HAVE COMPLETED TWO YEARS OF ENGINEERING NOW! Woooohoooo! I have survived two whole years of torture. I owe myself some chocolate cookies now for celebration :’)

Time check: 11 mins gone, 9 more left.

Even though what I felt after 20 minutes in Engineering school is indescribable


Gives a close-enough description.

And with teachers laughing at our pain;


Even after studying at



It hardly makes a difference.

My summer vacations have been passed on to the internship I am supposed to do after 2nd year but still there’s some time I can have for myself and my blog, I’ll try to keep updating it daily now.

Until tomorrow,

Enjoy your last days if you haven’t joined Undergrad college yet, and enjoy your better days if you are done with your college, and if you’re stuck in between these two, drop me a message; we can whine about college together.

*feels so good to blog again*

Day One: Unlock the Mind

Its been more than a week since my last post. It surely seems like a very long time since I have got some time to really type down words in the form of a post. I have come back to my hostel after an amazing vacation. I miss home but well my awesome friends here don’t let me be sad about it. And then back to the schedule, sleep on time, get-up on time or you miss classes. Sleep on time, get-up or you miss your breakfast too. A good start to a 6 month long semester I would say, and will be pretty much occupied with stuff I would say.

But it surely is best to be occupied rather than bored because Thank God, I didn’t get a chance to get addicted to the one and only latest addiction among people.

Presenting to you:




Okay, I did play it a couple of times. Friends lost deep down in the Flappy flappy bird world, and all of ‘em talking about making or breaking high scores, I couldn’t be left behind. Even I managed to get a score of 300.

Uhhh maybe I just did a typo there.

I managed to get a 10. That’s pretty fine too, I guess. I am not the last one in my group so I am happy with it.

And anyways I don’t really want to risk my life by getting hit by my friends or getting blown up for breaking their high scores.


Oh well, when I started the post I had no thoughts of writing one whole post on Flappy birds. You do know that there are better things to do in life than play Flappy Birds  or write about it right?

Better things like the technical stuff. Like calculations and physics and maths, sum it up as the not-so-exciting-spheres-of-an-engineers-life. Guess what, we engineers are out with a new discovery. A discovery that will change your flappy bird experience, and make you one of the greatest achievers in human history, to get a Guinness world medal for getting the highest flappy bird score, or maybe your name would be carved up on precious stones for generations to see how legendary you were.

Give it a try. If helps you thank me!

If it doesn’t, maybe went through a prank thee!

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.57.08 AM

And you’re welcome, just in-case you thank me. 😛

Beating high scores is just as fun and the game is too addicting. I just don’t want it to open Flappy Birds and be like “There goes aaaalllll my free time” But this exactly what happens all the time.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.56.52 AM

Anyways, there was this edited pic I saw on the internet today..

I felt really sad for Leonardo Di-Frappio too.


I wish he flaps as much as he needs to get the Oscar at least this time.

Even though I should be doing THIS to everyone who goes like LOOK AT MY FLAPPY BIRD.

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 12.57.25 AM

And have this feeling of slapping every single person who boasts about his high score with a chair, made of steel, in Hulk mode and just continue with my life… some small instinct in me doesn’t let me do it. It triggers me to give a try ONE more time. WHY GOD WHY?!?

Oh wait, I just heard something, I’ll be back.

*Trrring trrring*

*Random happy shouting on the phone from the other end, and my head goes down in sadness*

I just a got a call from a friend. He said he beat my high score a minute ago and he’s jumping on his bed. I can’t let him have this feeling of honor all his life.

This is indeed a bad news for me. Maybe I’ll have to do something about it. Maybe play JUST ONE, JUST ONE more game of Flappy Birds until I break his. I’ll try to keep it just one, until I beat his score.


And when I’ll beat it I would feel like a victor of a fierce battle. And that satisfaction,

Screen Shot 2014-02-14 at 1.30.58 AM

What I’d most likely be doing on day 211

In response to the daily prompt; There are 342 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. (Hint: that’s July 30th.)

Day dreaming, I might have had gone days beyond and watched how I would want a part of my future to look like. But what exactly would I be doing on an exact date July 30th?

Umm I can’t even day-dream and find out, ‘cause as far as I can recall, I haven’t seen any calendar or dates in my day-dreams.

This is how it might end up. At least I hope it does (In sha Allah).

Okay, 30th July 2014.

That’s coming on a Monday.

I would be done with my 4th semester, and would be interning at some company in Dubai.

With my alarm clock ringing,


voices of ‘sleep some more’ ring in my head, I hide under the blanket again.

And then suddenly, turning my head towards the clock.

*blink blink*

OH MY GOD! Its Monday! And its 7 already!


I might just waste a minute or two, doing some drama like this, but then,

With a jump from the bed,

Walking? No! running instead,

I would surely be in haste,

Grabbing the towel, soap, brush and paste,

Done with the shower, hair combed, and formals put on,

‘I should have got up earlier’ thoughts flowing on,

Fighting with my friends on whose duty it was to make the breakfast today,

I made it day before, he made it yesterday, and your turn is for the day,


But might have to skip the breakfast to catch the metro at 7 thirty,

Jumping and running without making my clothes dirty,

8 is the reporting time, and 8:10 is the time I have reached,

‘Thank God’ panting heavily, I breathed,


Tiring day at the office, but the boss’s impressed,

This month’s salary with a bonus, to me he addressed,

Thank you sir I said with a woooooohooooo came from within,

And thank you God, with a satisfied grin,


Lunch also skipped for work and now it’s five,

Have to have a sumptuous meal now to keep alive,

Al-abwaab-u-tuglaq, the doors are closed,

To remember this good day, for a selfie I posed,


Family, it’s been so long that I have been away,

Time to call them and tell them about today,

Happy they will be, so as I am,

I’ll treat friends at the hotel Amsterdam,

Ending the day with a good road trip on a sexy ride,

To the countryside,


Tired and sleepy, we open the apartment door,

Someone might exclaim, ‘Man, it was your turn today to clean the floor’

Its late go off to sleep,

Towards the bed I would leap,


Last check on fb and logging off,

Good night everyone and lamps shut off,

And then a voice ‘not so soon friends, c’mon’,

My favorite show on television is still on,

Not again voices another one,

Chill out guys let me watch, today’s episode’s fun,

You people will never change,

I exclaimed,


Hiding myself in the blanket,

With alarm for 6 already set,

Eyes with a cant-stay-open-anymore but the ear’s forced to listen to the TV’s beat,

Thinking, the fast-forward that happened today morning, please don’t play tomorrow on repeat.

I would slowly go off to sleep, go off to dream..

And maybe I would be laughing my heart out at this post when I look at it on July 30. It will surely be more worth then.

Entry for the daily prompt.

How it all started…

3rd September 2012.

Well that’s a date to remember. You might be wondering why?

It was around 7 in the morning, I got dressed up fast, and so did dad. We were staying over at my uncle’s place and now it was well in time that I would have to live in a hostel. With the orientation and all done a day before, today was registration. Dad came along with me from Riyadh to be there for the first 2 days. And today was the second of it. I think I didn’t even realize that time that I was being set-up for a new life ahead. Anyways, we got hold of our luggage; uncle dropped us to college, and as soon as we got down, dad suggested that we leave the weight in my hostel room and then get-going for registration.

I was allotted the room on some lottery basis. Pick up a chit, and the room’s your home-small-home for the next few years.


That’s what I got. Up the elevator, 1, 2, 3, and 4 floors; right in front, someone said. Door opens, a bed, a study-table, a chair, 2 shelves, a wardrobe, and some space in middle of all this and 2 big windows with an okay view of the college ground. Well I guessed that would be enough (It is actually). We dropped the luggage, and headed for the college.

Rest of the day went quickly, courses selected, time-table made, getting some signatures was left but it was 12 already. Dad’s flight was at 4 and he had to leave. We headed towards the hostel room again. Dad took his bags, and I couldn’t take what was happening. Maybe it was because I hadn’t lived alone before.  I went down with him with teary eyes, waved him good bye, and came up to my room again. Thought about it, felt sad but then took papers and went back to college to complete the signatures part.

Around 3:30 I was back to my hostel room. With gloomy face thinking about all those awesome years spent with my family. Here, now, I was more than a 1000 kms away. Maybe an hour or so passed by, I fell asleep.

Sometime in the evening, I got up to some,

download (1)

With sleepy eyes I opened the door,


With a

download (2)

face I looked at the guy.

‘Hi, I’m Amit, come over to my room’ he said.

I introduced myself and told him I’ll come in sometime and went back to my bed.

Then he started with all his explaining and stuff (some words which I’ll never forget);

‘You know man; all of us are depressed over here. Everyone’s away from their family. But there’s no use being depressed you know….’

And some more of his philosophical psychological or whatever lecture continued. I gave in, locked my room, and walked with him towards 429.

Walking down the corridor, 429 was just a few steps away. I could hear all shouts already from the room. I wondered if they all were friends from the same place or something.

Room opens,

I am greeted with HI’s and Hello’s,

My smile deepens,

All seemed good fellows.

One was Shantanu Chandra,

Other introduced himself as Numan,

A geeky awesome guy Gazi,

A tall huge guy Suhil,

Kushagra was one of ‘em too.

A talk for only about half an hour, I guess. And from depressed- gloomy-guy mood-off to mood-on and these awesome people became my hostel family.

We had dinner in the mess, and talking and knowing about each other it was end of the day. Seemed like we knew each other since ages or so. End of the day, but a day, carved up in my mind which will stay there for a long time to come. End of this day, was a start to another era of life – Hostel life.

What followed on will be coming.  A lot more awesome people to get into the story, a lot more awesomeness that happened,  a lot more of awesome memories to write down, and a lot more typing for all this.


Amit, Numan, Shantanu, Gazi, Rahul, Udit, Anirban, Musfir, Haroon, Arbaaz, Suhil, Kushagra, Bharat, Shakthi

If you guys are reading this, I have something to tell you.


Thanks for being there, and making hostel life so awesome. Hostel life would never have been so wonderful and fun without you guys. More than a year has passed in all the stupid things we did. Late-night walks, birthday celebrations, hostel week, and so much more.  Again, you guys are AWESOME!

And Amit come back to the hostel. The hostel misses your presence and all of us do too.

Who am I? Why am I here?

Starting off with my first post, to be honest I had no idea what to start my first post with. Some webpage which I got to, suggested me ways of how to start off with your blog. It read something like this ‘Who am I? Why am I here? Let this be your title, and write your heart out’ So here it goes..

It took me days to decide my blog address, another two three more to select the theme, and now after some constant push and pull within my inner self, I somehow managed to get kick-started with this ‘blog thing’. Maybe this is how it goes for everyone but winter made me lazier. Anyways it all started with a thought when I was seconds near to calmly close my eyes and enjoy the warmness of my bed. Some voice from my inner self said ‘You should start a blog’. I thought a bit about it but as for winters, this equation should always be kept in mind;
sleep > anything else

So I dozed-off.


Next morning when the sunlight lit my room, the spark of ‘the blog thing’ refused to step out of my brain door. I was forced to give a second thought. The door-way of my brain was hung with frames of what I would name the blog, and how I would go about it. Moreover with 5 sadistically-designed-to-torture-students-type of semesters of engineering still on its way it didn’t seem like a very good idea. But writing was always a hobby and this kept me leaving this out midst the damned continuous evaluation system of my university. And blogging is just another type of writing – keyboard for ink and webpages for paper.
Plus I didn’t want it to be more like,


And since its my end-sem break and eat-sleep-rave-repeat could be made better by making it eat-sleep-blog-rave-repeat’ I am eventually here. Fortunately for me, ’cause its a good feeling, you know. I am feeling it right now.

Okay, so I guess I answered why I’m here, and for who am I?


Gotham’s become boring now and I don’t have any of bucks jingling in my pocket (happens to hostelers, you see) so I’m here ’cause its free. Moreover saves me from fighting villains and this web-page seems like my bat- cave.

Not-so-funny I know, but YOU know “ANYONE CAN BE A HERO!” Thats what Bruce Wayne said.



*Serious-mode: ON*
I am in my second year of Engineering with 5 more semesters of (you-know-what). My hobbies are playing football, writing, gaming and exploring latest tech and gadgets and trying to owe them (I do sound Batman-ish with the last hobby I guess). Writing has been a passion for me since a very young age, same as football. I am a die-hard fan of FC BARCELONA (Back-off Madrid fans! jk)  and I write essays, articles and sometimes poems in my leisure time. Writing for me means penning down all that you feel on paper, and football takes me to another world where I don’t have to worry about my grades. Also I’m a foodie person. Slim, but always wanting good food full up-to the brim.

writing + football + good food = good life

That’s my equation for life. Please don’t mind the equations that come up often. Its involuntary. Its an engineer thing that happened to me. Nevertheless don’t assume me to be very good at math, ’cause I started loosing grades when I was asked, why one by cosy-c would make it sec-c (If you know what I mean) and still hasn’t stopped yet.


As for what I’ll be posting; I’ll be talking about almost anything that knocks my brain door. And as the web-address suggests, ‘Driven By Thoughts’ is exactly whats gonna happen. Most of it would be related football, everyday life stories, gaming, tech and so-cool-gadgets, food and of course BATMAN!

So, if you are a Batman-Fan (come on, who isn’t?) then FOLLOW ON!
Too much typing for now, I guess.
Adios! Have a good day guys!

By the way who do you think should star in the next upcoming movie of the Batman series?

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