Starting off with my first post, to be honest I had no idea what to start my first post with. Some webpage which I got to, suggested me ways of how to start off with your blog. It read something like this ‘Who am I? Why am I here? Let this be your title, and write your heart out’ So here it goes..

It took me days to decide my blog address, another two three more to select the theme, and now after some constant push and pull within my inner self, I somehow managed to get kick-started with this ‘blog thing’. Maybe this is how it goes for everyone but winter made me lazier. Anyways it all started with a thought when I was seconds near to calmly close my eyes and enjoy the warmness of my bed. Some voice from my inner self said ‘You should start a blog’. I thought a bit about it but as for winters, this equation should always be kept in mind;
sleep > anything else

So I dozed-off.


Next morning when the sunlight lit my room, the spark of ‘the blog thing’ refused to step out of my brain door. I was forced to give a second thought. The door-way of my brain was hung with frames of what I would name the blog, and how I would go about it. Moreover with 5 sadistically-designed-to-torture-students-type of semesters of engineering still on its way it didn’t seem like a very good idea. But writing was always a hobby and this kept me leaving this out midst the damned continuous evaluation system of my university. And blogging is just another type of writing – keyboard for ink and webpages for paper.
Plus I didn’t want it to be more like,


And since its my end-sem break and eat-sleep-rave-repeat could be made better by making it eat-sleep-blog-rave-repeat’ I am eventually here. Fortunately for me, ’cause its a good feeling, you know. I am feeling it right now.

Okay, so I guess I answered why I’m here, and for who am I?


Gotham’s become boring now and I don’t have any of bucks jingling in my pocket (happens to hostelers, you see) so I’m here ’cause its free. Moreover saves me from fighting villains and this web-page seems like my bat- cave.

Not-so-funny I know, but YOU know “ANYONE CAN BE A HERO!” Thats what Bruce Wayne said.



*Serious-mode: ON*
I am in my second year of Engineering with 5 more semesters of (you-know-what). My hobbies are playing football, writing, gaming and exploring latest tech and gadgets and trying to owe them (I do sound Batman-ish with the last hobby I guess). Writing has been a passion for me since a very young age, same as football. I am a die-hard fan of FC BARCELONA (Back-off Madrid fans! jk)  and I write essays, articles and sometimes poems in my leisure time. Writing for me means penning down all that you feel on paper, and football takes me to another world where I don’t have to worry about my grades. Also I’m a foodie person. Slim, but always wanting good food full up-to the brim.

writing + football + good food = good life

That’s my equation for life. Please don’t mind the equations that come up often. Its involuntary. Its an engineer thing that happened to me. Nevertheless don’t assume me to be very good at math, ’cause I started loosing grades when I was asked, why one by cosy-c would make it sec-c (If you know what I mean) and still hasn’t stopped yet.


As for what I’ll be posting; I’ll be talking about almost anything that knocks my brain door. And as the web-address suggests, ‘Driven By Thoughts’ is exactly whats gonna happen. Most of it would be related football, everyday life stories, gaming, tech and so-cool-gadgets, food and of course BATMAN!

So, if you are a Batman-Fan (come on, who isn’t?) then FOLLOW ON!
Too much typing for now, I guess.
Adios! Have a good day guys!

By the way who do you think should star in the next upcoming movie of the Batman series?