3rd September 2012.

Well that’s a date to remember. You might be wondering why?

It was around 7 in the morning, I got dressed up fast, and so did dad. We were staying over at my uncle’s place and now it was well in time that I would have to live in a hostel. With the orientation and all done a day before, today was registration. Dad came along with me from Riyadh to be there for the first 2 days. And today was the second of it. I think I didn’t even realize that time that I was being set-up for a new life ahead. Anyways, we got hold of our luggage; uncle dropped us to college, and as soon as we got down, dad suggested that we leave the weight in my hostel room and then get-going for registration.

I was allotted the room on some lottery basis. Pick up a chit, and the room’s your home-small-home for the next few years.


That’s what I got. Up the elevator, 1, 2, 3, and 4 floors; right in front, someone said. Door opens, a bed, a study-table, a chair, 2 shelves, a wardrobe, and some space in middle of all this and 2 big windows with an okay view of the college ground. Well I guessed that would be enough (It is actually). We dropped the luggage, and headed for the college.

Rest of the day went quickly, courses selected, time-table made, getting some signatures was left but it was 12 already. Dad’s flight was at 4 and he had to leave. We headed towards the hostel room again. Dad took his bags, and I couldn’t take what was happening. Maybe it was because I hadn’t lived alone before.  I went down with him with teary eyes, waved him good bye, and came up to my room again. Thought about it, felt sad but then took papers and went back to college to complete the signatures part.

Around 3:30 I was back to my hostel room. With gloomy face thinking about all those awesome years spent with my family. Here, now, I was more than a 1000 kms away. Maybe an hour or so passed by, I fell asleep.

Sometime in the evening, I got up to some,

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With sleepy eyes I opened the door,


With a

download (2)

face I looked at the guy.

‘Hi, I’m Amit, come over to my room’ he said.

I introduced myself and told him I’ll come in sometime and went back to my bed.

Then he started with all his explaining and stuff (some words which I’ll never forget);

‘You know man; all of us are depressed over here. Everyone’s away from their family. But there’s no use being depressed you know….’

And some more of his philosophical psychological or whatever lecture continued. I gave in, locked my room, and walked with him towards 429.

Walking down the corridor, 429 was just a few steps away. I could hear all shouts already from the room. I wondered if they all were friends from the same place or something.

Room opens,

I am greeted with HI’s and Hello’s,

My smile deepens,

All seemed good fellows.

One was Shantanu Chandra,

Other introduced himself as Numan,

A geeky awesome guy Gazi,

A tall huge guy Suhil,

Kushagra was one of ‘em too.

A talk for only about half an hour, I guess. And from depressed- gloomy-guy mood-off to mood-on and these awesome people became my hostel family.

We had dinner in the mess, and talking and knowing about each other it was end of the day. Seemed like we knew each other since ages or so. End of the day, but a day, carved up in my mind which will stay there for a long time to come. End of this day, was a start to another era of life – Hostel life.

What followed on will be coming.  A lot more awesome people to get into the story, a lot more awesomeness that happened,  a lot more of awesome memories to write down, and a lot more typing for all this.


Amit, Numan, Shantanu, Gazi, Rahul, Udit, Anirban, Musfir, Haroon, Arbaaz, Suhil, Kushagra, Bharat, Shakthi

If you guys are reading this, I have something to tell you.


Thanks for being there, and making hostel life so awesome. Hostel life would never have been so wonderful and fun without you guys. More than a year has passed in all the stupid things we did. Late-night walks, birthday celebrations, hostel week, and so much more.  Again, you guys are AWESOME!

And Amit come back to the hostel. The hostel misses your presence and all of us do too.