In response to the daily prompt; There are 342 days remaining in the year. Describe what you’d like to be doing on day 211. (Hint: that’s July 30th.)

Day dreaming, I might have had gone days beyond and watched how I would want a part of my future to look like. But what exactly would I be doing on an exact date July 30th?

Umm I can’t even day-dream and find out, ‘cause as far as I can recall, I haven’t seen any calendar or dates in my day-dreams.

This is how it might end up. At least I hope it does (In sha Allah).

Okay, 30th July 2014.

That’s coming on a Monday.

I would be done with my 4th semester, and would be interning at some company in Dubai.

With my alarm clock ringing,


voices of ‘sleep some more’ ring in my head, I hide under the blanket again.

And then suddenly, turning my head towards the clock.

*blink blink*

OH MY GOD! Its Monday! And its 7 already!


I might just waste a minute or two, doing some drama like this, but then,

With a jump from the bed,

Walking? No! running instead,

I would surely be in haste,

Grabbing the towel, soap, brush and paste,

Done with the shower, hair combed, and formals put on,

‘I should have got up earlier’ thoughts flowing on,

Fighting with my friends on whose duty it was to make the breakfast today,

I made it day before, he made it yesterday, and your turn is for the day,


But might have to skip the breakfast to catch the metro at 7 thirty,

Jumping and running without making my clothes dirty,

8 is the reporting time, and 8:10 is the time I have reached,

‘Thank God’ panting heavily, I breathed,


Tiring day at the office, but the boss’s impressed,

This month’s salary with a bonus, to me he addressed,

Thank you sir I said with a woooooohooooo came from within,

And thank you God, with a satisfied grin,


Lunch also skipped for work and now it’s five,

Have to have a sumptuous meal now to keep alive,

Al-abwaab-u-tuglaq, the doors are closed,

To remember this good day, for a selfie I posed,


Family, it’s been so long that I have been away,

Time to call them and tell them about today,

Happy they will be, so as I am,

I’ll treat friends at the hotel Amsterdam,

Ending the day with a good road trip on a sexy ride,

To the countryside,


Tired and sleepy, we open the apartment door,

Someone might exclaim, ‘Man, it was your turn today to clean the floor’

Its late go off to sleep,

Towards the bed I would leap,


Last check on fb and logging off,

Good night everyone and lamps shut off,

And then a voice ‘not so soon friends, c’mon’,

My favorite show on television is still on,

Not again voices another one,

Chill out guys let me watch, today’s episode’s fun,

You people will never change,

I exclaimed,


Hiding myself in the blanket,

With alarm for 6 already set,

Eyes with a cant-stay-open-anymore but the ear’s forced to listen to the TV’s beat,

Thinking, the fast-forward that happened today morning, please don’t play tomorrow on repeat.

I would slowly go off to sleep, go off to dream..

And maybe I would be laughing my heart out at this post when I look at it on July 30. It will surely be more worth then.

Entry for the daily prompt.