I have 20 minutes in hand to fill in this space. That’s what this first day assignment is all about – Unlock the Mind, it says.

Not decided with what I am going to talk about, pretty much looks like an online impromptu.

Time check: 2 mins gone, 18 more left.

Its been really really long since I have made a post. Apparently around 3 months back. Its saddening that I haven’t blogged in so much time but you know – ENGINEERING. This is what it does to you. And to top it all at my college, with tests and components every single week is horrifying.

And my life cycle isn’t really commendable but anyways;


Before my final exams this semester, I was just wondering how many days do the components cover if I would hypothetically stick them day after day, and guess what? Out of the 4 months in a semester, one month and a week is gone in these tests, including weekends that is. And then my face looked like



You can understand my plight better now, I suppose. Well this was the sad part.

Coming to the brighter side of life, I HAVE COMPLETED TWO YEARS OF ENGINEERING NOW! Woooohoooo! I have survived two whole years of torture. I owe myself some chocolate cookies now for celebration :’)

Time check: 11 mins gone, 9 more left.

Even though what I felt after 20 minutes in Engineering school is indescribable


Gives a close-enough description.

And with teachers laughing at our pain;


Even after studying at



It hardly makes a difference.

My summer vacations have been passed on to the internship I am supposed to do after 2nd year but still there’s some time I can have for myself and my blog, I’ll try to keep updating it daily now.

Until tomorrow,

Enjoy your last days if you haven’t joined Undergrad college yet, and enjoy your better days if you are done with your college, and if you’re stuck in between these two, drop me a message; we can whine about college together.

*feels so good to blog again*

Day One: Unlock the Mind