The truth has been spoken.


Football doesn’t always piss me off, but when it does, it’s usually because of the stuff that happens off the field. The latest thing to piss me off is the narrative that Messi hasn’t done enough for Argentina in this World Cup to write his name down in history, and although I know that the petty people saying that have no real understanding of the game, and Messi cares about them about as little as I do, the anger has evoked me to attempt to break that myth once and for all.

Messi scored four of Argentina’s six goals in the group stage. One was scored by Marcos Rojo, one was an own goal. The rest, Lionel. With Messi’s goals, Argentina got nine points from the group stage and advanced as the winners of their group. Without Messi’s goals, Argentina would have had two points, and would probably not have made it through the group…

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