This Time. Those Moments.

While one sets afoot, towards every next day, on this journey called Life; there is only very little that comes from the past back to you.

In this give and take policy of life, only things that are not traded and no one can ever take from you, are memories. These memories made up so many moments knitted together become the adornment of your soul.

You can never re-live the same moments again. When you travel in the same bus again you once took the journey with someone or end up at the same restaurant you once had dined in with someone, you wonder what changed. Everything else is same about the place, except the time and the person, I guess which makes all the difference. For what was there in that span of time, isn’t there today. But the time when you first traveled or ate there you would have never thought if that bus or that place would even mean something to you.

Time is always on duty and keeps ticking. And a few weeks, months and years later everything is different about what you feel about that bus and that meal. Oh, the lunch meal what the restaurant had advertised as a value lunch meal, actually becomes a value meal for real.

While he always thought life should hardly have a place for materialistic things, the irony is that these materialistic things ended up becoming so valuable to him. Those people so illuminated and moments so invaluable, that they made even the materialistic things reflect light in his life and made it valuable even after they themselves became a star, became so far.


Time and moments share a very strange relationship,
Fighting each other in a battleship,
While time ticks to turn you older each day,
Moments trick to keep you from becoming old’n grey.


As we grow old. we want time to slow down, and wish it could go back in reverse. Growing old is not an option but maybe growing up is. And its the people, who make us grow up and who don’t let us feel old.

bcbe77ef9ec0dd59a68cdb45c61fbbe5Travelling in a Double Decker bus was never something  great or amazing to him. He regarded it the same as travelling in any other bus – boring. This boring was because maybe he had grown up and old. And there was this one girl, there she was, looking at the Double Decker from far, starts jumping all so-excited like a kid waiting for a joy ride. He looked at her amazement and felt a lil happy on the inside. When you see someone happy about something, I guess it was human for him to feel happy too. These are what the good vibes are. Further ahead in the course of life, the Double Decker made him feel good too, but not because it was different for him, but because she made all the difference to him.

But never did he understand what was so different about it, until today. When he saw it coming from far and it made him smile. Travelling in the Double Decker or any other bus was not the same, he realized for the first time.

The brakes of this one, had slowed down his aging dial every time she was on the next seat. And this time those moments, did her part…



That restaurant which is the best in town, that you always go to after a few visits makes you feel like there’s nothing great about it anymore. Happens with all of us.

But there was something about this one restaurant she always wanted to go to for one specific meal. He always wondered what was so different about that lunch meal that always fulfilled her hunger, but never her heart. She would behave like a ten year old would be excited to have a kids meal even if its for the tenth time. Every single time, the excitement and delight stayed the same for her. Though it always tickled his heart, watching the meal tickle her taste buds, this felt different.

But never did he understand and he always wondered, what was really special? Was it the restaurant, that meal or how it was made in specific?

Until yesterday, when he finally understood. It was the magic of the secret spice – the spice she added to it…